Case Study: Automotive Campaign

Targeting solution for new auto buyers

Service Format
Contextual & Location Intelligence (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)


To examine collected foot traffic, DMV and regional data, insights from automotive location data, all with the intent to target specific audiences and drive on- premise dealership visits.


To increase on-premise visits, D2GO focused on building targeted audiences and provided mobile device data using look-back and behavioral modeling techniques

Intentional audience targeting using contextual device data

D2GO’s mobile location data pool was used to enhance the AdParlor digital platform and target curated audience segments across social platforms



  • 135% Increase in foot traffic to dealerships by first-time buyers using location-based user data
  • 24% of the users who engaged with the social media ads, and ads targeted in and around the dealerships, were found to visit the Automaker’s dealerships
  • Furthermore, the campaign saw CTR’s of nearly 7% by utilizing D2GO audience targeting techniques