Cloud Based Backend

The backend portion of the platform consists of three main sections:
Dashboard/Analytics, Content Management, and Campaign Management. 

The platform exposes a comprehensive set of RESTful APIs to enable integration into third party applications such as Salesforce.


Dashboard / analytics

The customizable dashboard enables the customer to quickly visualize key metrics such as:

  • number of impressions, number of devices, as well as user demographics, interests and behaviors which can all be segmented by time, location, etc. 

  • We collect dozens of behaviors and interests such
    • gender
    • age
    • income
    • education
    • home ownership
    • sporting preferences

flexible content management tool

The D2GO Content Management is a graphical tool that supports the creation and modification of digital content to be used for the customer’s campaigns.

  • This flexible tool allows various forms of content from simple text to audio clips to images to HD video that can be easily configured via the drag and drop interface.
  • Content is stored on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure fast delivery to devices.
  • In addition, the tool allows placement of interactive elements such as buttons.
  • Preconfigured templates for various scenarios such as retail, hospitality, and events enable customers to quickly create or import the campaigns of their choosing.

Campaign management system

Creating effective campaigns is straight forward using the D2GO Campaign Management System.

  • Using the media from the Content Management Tool, the customer can quickly create or import existing campaigns with control over all aspects from budget, priority, and schedule to in depth targeting based on the user demographics, behaviors, and interests as well as the various trigger mechanisms such as BT Beacons and/or GNSS based Geofences’.
  • The system is also capable of tracking both notification views and impressions of the various campaigns to measure effectiveness.