Data: To Share or Not To Share

There’s a growing divide in the perception of data collection. Headlines pop up daily unveiling questionable intentions from our most trusted and frequented sites and apps, leading us to believe our location information is a precious gift of which we’re being robbed. We’ve seen companies exploit personal attributes for their own gain and profit, which sets a bad tone. But, the big data industry exists for reasons quite the contrary – it’s to benefit both businesses and consumers while reducing mass-marketing noise.


Security experts agree it is nearly impossible to stop location tracking via smartphones. Our best friend, the smartphone, constantly communicates with cell towers and transmits metadata from our communications, phone history and data usage. In turn, the proverbial door is kept open for third parties to discover where we are. It sounds downright invasive, but is it? Location sharing actually has its fair share of benefits, so let’s consider reaping them.


“For the vast majority of people and the vast majority of circumstances, the benefits they get from sharing their whereabouts way exceed the risks that might be out there,” said Jeremiah Grossman, the head of security strategy for SentinelOne, a computer security company.*


Consumers tend to turn location-sharing on and off as needed. While many share concerns about it, only about 20%** proactively check their location settings. As negative connotations lurk, and consumers try to restrict sharing, many still do share unintentionally. 44%** share with more apps than intended, causing concern amongst the majority.  But why?


There is a strong lack of trust in data collectors. 80%** of consumers don’t fully trust how their data is used, and even more dislike current privacy policies. This is because most consumers aren’t fully aware of what happens to their data after it’s collected. Even though a clear “opt-in sharing” selection should mitigate this, and the EU is attempting to educate consumers through the GDPR compliance laws, there is the anxiety-producing belief that sometimes there is no choice in data sharing.  


Data collectors can offer benefits to influence willingness to share location data. Around 70%** of consumers would share their location data in exchange for increased safety, better services, and cost-saving deals. The willingness to share increases proportionally with transparency.  Opting in to share location on apps seems less invasive if you receive beneficial information such as:


  • Relevant traffic alerts to optimize your commute
  • Customized content and insider promotions in your favorite apps
  • Loyalty award alerts to redeem gifts/discounts
  • Special offers when approaching your favorite coffee shop
  • Hotel guest perks, automatic check-ins and VIP services during your vacation stay
  • Parking updates and information upon entering/leaving a stadium


While we understand there is a division in the perception of location sharing, we believe it can be attributed to lack of transparency of what advantages and disadvantages come from it. Over 65%** admit to willingly sharing data if they knew why, how and under what conditions it would be used, stored and/or deleted.


At Digital2Go, our mission is to help people and brands have a more engaging and personalized experience in a fully transparent manner.  Whether you’re a brand, marketer, app publisher or data solution, we help you identify the most valuable approach to connect with your end-users across many industries including advertising, hospitality, retail, finance, tech, automotive and more.  Next time your favorite mobile app delivers compelling content, accurate re-routing due to traffic, or welcomes you to your favorite hotel, remember not all data usage is questionable, sinister, or as bad as it once seemed.


Learn more about Digital2Go’s real-time location-based solutions backed by proprietary data science and transparently secured through the blockchain at






Digital2GO Media Networks raises $1M USD from the NEM Blockchain Community Fund


D2GO to use the NEM smart asset blockchain to democratize the use and collection of contextual mobile location data for consumers and mobile app publishers everywhere


March 13, 2018 - Irvine, CA and Melbourne, Australia – The not for profit Foundation
and Digital2Go Media Networks, Inc. (D2GO) today announced that D2GO has successfully
raised 1.8 million XEM, equivalent to $1 million USD, through the NEM blockchain community

Location Core-04.png

The funds raised will be used to integrate D2GO’s LocationCore (TM) platform on the NEM
blockchain, making it the first location-based platform to utilize the technology.
LocationCoreTM is an existing product of D2GO that provides consumers’ mobile data and
anonymous location information to businesses for engagement and marketing purposes. A
number of businesses are already using the platform, including Incipio, AdParlor, Alamo Rental
Car, and RCI (a division of Wyndham Resorts).

Using the NEM blockchain technology, LocationCoreTM will provide businesses the ability to
record location-based impressions and securely compensate mobile app publishers and mobile
device users for sharing their mobile data and anonymous location information.
Dan Voyce, CTO of D2Go, said: “Billions of users are currently sharing their location data as well as other personal information every day without any form of monetary compensation.
“The type of data collected is often not fully understood by the mobile device user yet provides significant revenue to the companies that collect and sell this data.

“The NEM blockchain infrastructure will enable D2GO to bring this to life for both businesses
and their customers.”

In choosing NEM as the blockchain technology, Voyce added: “To be successful, our chosen
blockchain requires usability, security features, high performance and future scalability.
“We chose to use the NEM blockchain for its simple yet very powerful technology that will
enable us to quickly create our location-based ‘smart assets’ using the API offered by NEM. The
vast capabilities of the NEM blockchain, coupled with the impressive development team, made
this an easy decision for us.”

Jeff McDonald, Vice President, Foundation said: “We are thrilled to see this marrying of
the big data industry with blockchain technology as D2GO develops its LocationCoreTM platform, as a real-world uses case on contextual location services."

“This will further prove the versatility, performance, and scalability of our technology.
“We look forward to supporting the D2GO team in this endeavor and can’t wait to see the
product in the market using NEM technology.”
The 300 million XEM (equivalent to $130M USD) community fund is an initiative by
Foundation to promote the development of the NEM blockchain. The fund is decided through
community voting, with people posting the concept for their start-up or business on NEM
community forums, which are then voted on by users. Successful companies are then
presented to the Foundation, which carries out due diligence before issuing the

Nem logo.png

About Digital2Go Media Networks, Inc.
Digital2Go (D2GO) is a consumer engagement and marketing intelligence company focused on
redefining mobile engagement. The D2GO dMosaicTM platform provides advanced audience
segment targeting, combined with powerful data collection capabilities to enhance brand value through targeted mobile device engagement. It’s revolutionary LocationCoreTM technology, built upon the NEM blockchain, effectively democratizes the use of consumer mobile data and puts the power back in the hands of the mobile consumer. Headquartered in Irvine, California, with offices in Melbourne, AU, and Mexico City, Mexico, the company has deployed its solutions to over 10,000 locations in the US and Latin America.

For more information, please visit
Press inquiries for Digital2Go:

About Foundation: Foundation Ltd. is a non-profit organization based in Singapore, set up to promote
NEM’s blockchain technology globally. It is currently one of the most well-funded and
successful blockchain technology projects in the cryptocurrency industry. NEM’s technology is
currently being utilized in a variety of financial institutions and industries.
For more information, please visit:
Press contact Foundation: Alexandra Tinsman,



Digital2Go Expands to Latin America Through Partnership with SSL Digital

Digital2Go Media Networks, (D2GO), a consumer engagement and marketing intelligence company, and SSL Digital, Mexico’s leader in Digital Signage, operating new generation media spaces in 24 airports and more than 6,000 sites with private satelite communication networks designed and installed by the company, today announce a partnership to bring D2GO’s proximity and consumer engagement platform to thousands of locations throughout Mexico and Latin America, enhancing SSL Digital Digital Signage offering.

D2GO, whose solutions have been deployed in over 8,000 locations in the United States, and who’s audience data insights have driven successful social advertising and marketing campaigns across both online and offline platforms to drive increased mobile engagement and revenue, has already signed contracts in the region with Alamo Mexico, Venados de Mazatlan, the professional baseball team and stadium in Mazatlan, Mexico, and the prestigious Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City.  Response to the platform has been overwhelming, driving the need to secure an established and highly capable digital media partner. 

Underscoring the importance and value of this partnership, D2GO CEO Mike Canevaro said, “The early success we have found in Mexico challenged us, but validated our model and need for an experienced partner that understood the dynamic needs of the market, and had the reach both in digital capabilities and advertising and branding customers. We are excited about this partnership and know that this relationship will bear tremendous fruit for everyone involved.”

SSL Digital advanced digital media and advertising platform is used across more than 6,000 sites and reaches over 12,000 screens in places such as upscale department store chain El Palacio de Hierro, financial institutions such as Citibanamex, Banco Santander, Banorte, Scotiabank, and retailers like Sephora, Interceramic and The Home Depot. In addition, their media and DOOH platform is deployed in 24 airports throughout Mexico including Cancun, Monterrey, and Guadalajara reaching more than 60M consumers per year. Jorge Laverde, Marketing & New Business Development Director at SSL DIGITAL, said about the exciting joint venture, “SSL Digital has been a leader in providing superior brand experiences in Mexico for the last 13 years.  As we looked to expand beyond our current Digital Signage capabilities, it became clear that the next step in brand and marketing engagement involved reaching consumers on mobile devices.  D2GO brought us a solution and partnership that will allow us to strenghten our leadership position offering our customers innovative resources as a new way to reach consumers, understand their behavioral patterns, and maximize our capabilities.”

Fernando Alonso, President of D2Go Latin America expanded on the partnership, “The success we have had in Mexico has been under the radar, working with premium partners, and proving our capabilities.  However, this partnership with the team at SSL Digital elevates both companies’ capabilities and profiles in Mexico and greater Latin America, and I’m very excited about the many great things on the horizon.”

According to data from ABI Research and eMarketer, the combined markets for Big Data, Mobile Advertising, Social Marketing, Location Marketing, are forecast to be $351B in 2017. The market for Indoor Location technology grows 61% per year from $231M in 2016 to $2.48B in 2021, and according to Allied Market research, the market for location based advertising and other services is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27% globally through 2022.  This partnership between D2GO and SSL Digital will enable them to participate in these markets with combined solutions and continue to gain market share in the dynamic Latin American marketplace.

About Digital2Go Media Networks, Inc.:
Digital2Go (D2GO) is a consumer engagement and marketing intelligence company focused on redefining Mobile Engagement. The D2GO platform provides advanced audience segment targeting, combined with powerful data collection capabilities to enhance customer segmentation and engagement. Headquartered in Irvine, California, with offices in Mexico City, Mexico. To date, the company has deployed it’s solutions to over 10,000 locations in the US and Mexico.

About SSL Digital:
SSL Digital, a Mexican company, pioneer in Digital Signage has been installing and operating private communicacion networks for the past 13 years in Mexico. Three years ago ago opened the first international office in Guatemala to cover the Central America markets. It is the largest digital advertising network in Mexico, operating 24 airports, offering the broadest range of media products and formats. Through it´s business divisions, Media and Networks, SSL DIGITAL operates more than 6,000 sites with a total of 12,600 active screens in Mexico and abroad.

How does David take on Goliath(s) in mobile advertising?

 Reuters/Dado Ruvic

Reuters/Dado Ruvic

Data of course.....mixed with location intelligence, context, proximity information.......and a slingshot.  Our own CEO, Mike Canevaro, was featured this week on a weekly podcast with Tematica Research where the topics ranged from mobile advertising, to rate hikes by the Fed, and even plastic surgery in Korea!  While Facebook and Google dominate the ad spend on Mobile - close to 90% by all accounts - tailoring that ad spend by using location data, audience targeting, and proximity device data is taking a foot hold.  In a recent ad campaign across social channels, one of our customers saw CTR's jump some 1600%, onsite visits climb 135% and an overall response rate of 7% by using our hyper-targeted mobile audience data derived from proximity sensors and location data collection.  More on that in our next post, but for now, click over to Business Insider and take a read - or a listen - to learn more.